In- and Output Biomass Drying

Different dryers and drying systems, drum dryers (type DX), are available for biomass drying, with capacities of:

  • 600 up to 30000 L/H evaporation.

A few characteristics of the rotary drum:

  • Suitable for large wood chips, input chip size up to 40x10x4 mm
  • Output in high-quality pellets or briquettes

Brochure Biomass Drying
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Alternative Fuel | Biomass Drying

Step grate furnace
Step grate furnace

An alternative fuel can be obtained by (thermal) biomass drying, followed by pelleting. Alternative fuels prepared from a natural source can replace the use of fossil fuels in many applications. Vandenbroek International provides turnkey dryer installations for various types of products. Biomass drying is one of the applications for which our drying equipment is utilized.

Why biomass drying?

Water forms the larger part of the mass content, as with many natural products. This water does not allow natural products to be stored for longer periods in a appropriate manner and does not contribute to the heating value of the alternative fuel itself. Besides, biomass drying - or the use of dry renewable fuel - with our drum dryers brings several benefits to combustion boilers, such as:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Lower air emissions
  • Improved operation

In general, our biomass drying systems upgrade natural products to a valuable energy source.

Plants that benefit from Biomass Drying / Biomass Dried Product

The following plants benefit from dried biomass product (dry renewable fuel), i.e. biomass drying is a valuable process to the following facilities:

  • Bio-energy facilities
  • Combustion and gasification plants
  • Power generation plants
  • Other Biomass treatment processes

Biomass Drying for many fuel sources

Pig's manure dehydration plant.
Pig's manure dehydration plant.

A dense high calorific (alternative) fuel can be produced by means of our drying technology (VADEB®), followed by a briquetting process or hard pelleting. Our biomass drying machines are suitable for many renewable fuel sources:

  • Saw dust
  • Straw
  • Wood chips
  • Bark
  • Bagasse
  • Grain waste
  • Coffee waste
  • Peat
  • Manure

Other types of fuel (sources)

Besides biomass, our dryers are utilized for sludge drying also. The produced (dried sludge) granules are used in several ways, such as a (supplementary) fuel product. Learn more about sludge drying.

Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) usually contains organic components (biodegradable waste). RDF can be dried as well and be used as high calorific fuel. Read more about RDF drying and Municipal Solid Waste treatment.